Come and enjoy Sri Lankan food, culture, art & crafts, music, dance and drama.

3rd February 2018









Join Mother Sri Lanka & 21 million Sri Lankans at the Viharamahadevi Park


    Sri Lanka will be celebrating the 70th Independence Day on 4th February 2018

    As a movement promoting the pride of being a Sri Lankan and as an organization who always believed in the potential of Sri Lanka, we have conceptualized and developed several activities to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Independence of our beloved Motherland.

    School & Public Involvement

    In line with the milestone anniversary, Mother Sri Lanka has initiated a series of competitions involving schools islandwide and the general public, which will lead to a grand finale on the 3rd of February followed by the Love Sri Lanka Festival


    All island schools Drama Competition

    All island schools Song Competition

    Sri Lanka Souvenir Competition (open category)

    Sri Lanka Street Festival

    Celebrating being a Sri Lankan

    The Street Festival

    Sri Lanka festival that will depict everything Sri Lankan

    A celebration of being a Sri Lankan, with local art, craft, culture and street drama displayed and demonstrated

    Festival will also have local street food and beverages, local fashion and accessories, music and entertainment

    Small and medium local street food manufacturers and small time entertainers who will be allowed to perform along the street

    The highlight will be exhibition and award ceremony for the winning entries of the street drama. song and souvenir competitions.

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